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Pet Sitting

While away, relax knowing your pal is safe and happy in his own home.

With his usual routine. Overnight care includes a neighborhood walk, evening and morning meals, fresh water and loving human companionship. Joseph arrives in early evening and stays 12 to 14 hours. Additional services include, giving meds, waste pick up, mail retrieval and putting out garbage and recycle cans for pick up when needed. Joseph is Dog Tec CPR and First Aid Certified.

Dog Walking

Daily exercise is perhaps the strongest factor in creating a
happy healthy dog.

Our furry friends depend on us for all of their needs, and the choices we make can impact the quality and length of their lives. Oftentimes, meeting those needs is as rewarding and healthy for us as it is for them. Daily interactions such as taking your buddy on an afternoon hike or an evening stroll in the neighborhood is a joyful experience which we recommend doing whenever possible. However, given the professional and social demands facing most of us, doing this yourself every day isn’t always possible. Let SJDS help your dog get the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy!

Reactive Dogs

If your dog barks and lunges when seeing or meeting other dogs, she is not in a relaxed comfortable state.

 However this response could be quite normal for the situation your dog perceives herself to be in. Isolating a reactive dog and eliminating it’s regular exercise only exasperates the problem. In most cases your dog’s interpretation of the situation can be corrected so a defensive / aggressive response isn’t called for. I’d be happy to discuss the options available to help your dog remain happy and relaxed in the presents of other pooches.


Create the story of you pet through special moments captured in pictures.

Joseph is also a professional photographer with over two decades experience creating outstanding portraits of dogs and people alike. Click on the link below for more information and view a gallery of Distinctive Dog Portraits.


Pet Sitting

Overnight Sitting, including walk.

Overnight Sitting, including walk Up to 2 pets  $75.00
Each additional pet (3+) $25.00

Daily Visits: $25.00
Each 30-minute visit includes clean dish, replenish water and food, potty break, play time.
One visit includes up to 2 dogs (each additional dog $10.)

Quick Potty Break (selected areas only) $15.00

Thirty-minute walk with daily visit. Up to 2 dogs (if their behavior permits). $20.00

Additional $5 for daily visits/walks, additional $15 for overnights will be charged for reservations during holiday periods.

Pet Walking

Exercise and fresh air in your neighborhood.

Thirty-minute leash walk (1 to 3 days per week) $28.00 

Thirty-minute leash walk (4 to 5 days per week) $25.00

Longer Extended walks (per each additional 15 minutes) $5.00

A challenging trail/hike for high energy dogs (1hrs) $38.00

Reactive Dogs

Walking add $5 to $9 to regular rate (depending on size and degree).

Behavior Modification $50. Per 45 session

Photo Pricing for Pets and their People

Sitting Fee

 First subject $95

Each additional subject $25

Print Pricing

16 x 20 Wall Portrait on mount board with liquor finish, plus digital file $ 495

11 x 14 Wall Portrait on mount board with liquor finish, plus $ 295

8 x10 Unmounted $ 125

"Joe has such a kind heart and a patience with dogs. He spent two weeks letting my nervous Tucker warm up to him. Now Tucker happily licks Joe’s face as soon as he enters the room. I always know that my pup is in good hands. He thinks of safety and responsibility first. Thank you Joe for caring for my fur kids."

Kristen Beck





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